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MUT Gives Sneak Peek at Madden 25 Rookie Ratings

You might say these are pretty good indicators.
You might say these are pretty good indicators.

The rookie ratings for this upcoming Madden NFL season are still under wraps for the most part, but we did learn a bit more about them yesterday on Twitter, and now once again as the Madden Ultimate Team cards have dropped for a select few rookies from the 2013 NFL draft.

As part of the “Future Stars” release on MUT this past week, six players from the draft were added in ridiculous form (think 99 OVR, yes, more 99 OVR players), but more importantly there are ten players from the NFL draft that were dropped in with casual ratings for fans to collect.

While the ratings on Madden Ultimate Team can’t be expected to be an exact replica of the Madden 25 player ratings we’ll see in the coming months, they’re usually pretty good indicators of how a player might look come release.

Speaking of looks, did you see those new Madden 25 screenshots? Not exactly earth-shattering stuff, but I’ll take it!

Included in the list of NFL draftees who already have a MUT card are #2 overall pick Luke Joeckel, Ziggy Ansah, Geno Smith, Chance Warmack, Star Lotulelei and more. Keep in mind as Pastapadre noted, however, that players who fell in the draft (like Geno Smith and Matt Barkley) probably won’t be rated as high as they are in these cards. EA’s MUT crew has a tendency to heed the evaluations of NFL teams on draft day, as they probably should.

What do YOU think of these early Madden 25 rookie ratings?

Will Madden 25 Rookie Ratings Be Like These?

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