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Madden 25 Cover Vote is Finally Here

It's like survivor, but with people you care about.
It's like survivor, but with people you care about.

The Madden 25 cover vote is finally here, and it’s full of NFL legends and current stars as EA Sports put together a bracket that challenges “New School” stars to take on “Old School” heroes in what should be the most interesting cover vote we’ve ever seen.

Madden 25 certainly needs all the attention it can get to raise awareness as to why the game isn’t called Madden NFL 14 this season, so it’s no surprise that this year’s cover voting bracket is so different from years past. Whether you’re a fan of Joe Montana, Barry Sanders and Dan Marino, or excited at the prospect of seeing Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick or Adrian Peterson on this year’s cover, there’s something for every fan in this year’s competition.

The first round of the Madden 25 cover vote will take votes from now until March 20th, with the winners advancing to round two later that day. The entire bracket will run until April 24th when the final votes will be cast, and a winner will assuredly be announced shortly following.

Madden 25 Cover Vote (BOOM!)

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