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Madden 15 Video Contest To Let Winner Play Cam Newton

EA is giving fans a chance to win a Madden-day experience with Cam Newton
EA is giving fans a chance to win a Madden-day experience with Cam Newton

How badly do you want to get beat down by Ace Boogie? EA is offering a chance to win a Madden-date with Cam Newton in Madden 15 at the Orlando game studio before the game hits shelves, and all you have to do is tweet a video to @EAMaddenNFL showing your “Madden transformation.”

The opportunity to play Madden 15 early would probably be enough for many fans of the franchise, but the chance to compete against Cam Newton head-to-head makes the new contest all the sweeter. Simply follow the rules stated below, and send your best “Madden transformation” to EA’s official Madden Twitter.

Only two winners will be selected in the “Challenge Cam Newton” contest, which will include a trip to EA Tiburon in Orlando, Florida, an opportunity to play Cam Newton in Madden NFL 15 before its release, a signed piece of NFL memorabilia and a piece of EA Sports swag to go along with a copy of Madden 15 come launch day. And yes, you’ll be able to take a guest.

Madden 15′s Challenge Cam Newton Rules

• Video must be tweeted to @EAMaddenNFL on Twitter
• Video must be from either you Instagram, Vine or YouTube account.
      - Vines can be no longer than 0:06 seconds
      - YouTube & Instagram can be no longer than 0:15 seconds
• You may only submit one video for the contest.
• Your entry tweet must include the hashtag “#MaddenTransformation”
• Submissions must not contain any third-party copyrighted material
• Only two winners will be selected
• Winner(s) must be able for travel July 9-10, 2014
• Contest ends on June 23, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. PST

Cam Newton recently lost the vote for the Madden 15 cover to Seattle Seahawks DB Richard Sherman, but he is well-known in the community as a real Madden player, which makes the opportunity to take on Cam 1-on-1 a pretty fun idea. We might even highlight some of the best submissions here on GoMadden if there’s anything good.

Cam Newton’s Message to Fans

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  • patriotsk1d

    Does anyone else find this guy annoying? I like what he does on the field but I can’t stand it when he talks.

    • John Ryan

      No it’s just you.

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